1. Legal classification of olive oils
According a decision of the European Union (EU) following quality standards for olive oil are set. Basically the oil quality is determined by sensoric qualities like taste, aroma, colour and free fatty acid levels.
Native Olive Oil Extra Virgin – these oils are supposed to have less/equal than 1 g of free fatty acids within 100 g of oil and premium sensoric qualities.
Native Olive Oils – these oils contain less/equal than 2 g of free fatty acids within 100 g of oil but still good sensoric qualities.
If an oil does not qualify for one of the above classes, the oils is going to be refined, resulting quality is classified as follows.
Olive Oil – these oils contain a blend of refined and native olive oils in order to achieve free fatty acid levels of less/equal 1,5 g per 100 g of oil. Sensoric qualities are not requested.
  2. Improved Olive Oil Standards